Hi everybody! 
My name is Corinne Jade and I am an Australian designer, visual artist, illustrator and otaku... I {DESIGN DRAW MAKE CREATE} geek stuff. 
Together with my tech-savvy husband and craftsman extraordinaire, Jarret Scott, we are ClubHouse Collective: The Geek Boutique in Cairns.

We are gamers, cosplayers, followers of the Jedi code, avid anime watchers and lovers of everything and anything from Japanese culture.  Simply put, we are two Australian geeks, making geek things, for geeks all over the world.
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ClubHouse Collective: The Geek Boutique
12 Ward Street
Cairns, Queensland, 4870


Monday: 12PM-4PM
Tuesday: 12PM-4PM
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 12PM-4PM
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED

We can open outside of these hours by appointment :) . Please CONTACT US.

A little about me:  I have a Bachelor of Communication Design (majoring in digital multimedia) from James Cook University of Queensland and have been creating award-winning designs (Queensland Multimedia Awards), illustrations (Cairns Show) and have had my artwork showcased at the Cairns Regional Gallery and Tanks arts Centre for over 20 years. I enjoy hand-sketching, and LOVE digital illustration, graphic design and corporate branding.  I am also an experienced video editor, who has been a key part of the Visual Obsession team, working on projects including live-streaming footage of the 2012 Total Solar Eclipse using solar-powered equipment for Panasonic Japan; Developing promotional video for the “Best Jobs In The World” campaign for Tourism Australia; Creating the multi-award winning documentary titled "The Young Man and the Ghost Net" for GhostNets Australia; and more.

Need something custom designed, photoshopped, illustrated?  CONTACT ME


As a child, I grew up in far north Queensland, Australia, with two younger siblings; a brother and a sister. I will always remember the day our parents came home with a truck-full of timber to build our very own clubhouse in the back yard. We spent most of our childhood days in there, playing until our mother would call us in at night, it was “our space”.

Even as I write this, I smile, when I think about what that clubhouse meant to us... the adventures we had, the video games we played, the movies we watched, the comics we read, the cartoons that made us laugh, the sleepovers and the late nights with kids of the neighbourhood... the nostalgia of it all.

I am often accused of being a “big-kid”. I never graduated into adulthood per se... I must have missed the memo. I still get wildly enthusiastic about the small things. I still watch cartoons. I still read comics. I still dress up. I still play video games. I still fantasize, I still imagine, I still draw... I guess that is why I have made a living as a Designer and Visual Artist - I get paid to use my imagination.

By living the life of a “big-kid”, I hope to achieve my greatest creativity and produce my best work. I want others to celebrate being a “big-kid” too. Our childhood may be over, but that doesn't mean playtime is. ClubHouse Collective - this is Childhood’s House, because within every grown-up there is a child that wants to play, every adult has an inner-child.

I never wanted to be a grown up anyway. I always wanted to be Astro Boy.

Corinne Jade
Creative Director